A World Renown Pianist in the Making

- She played piano at Carnegie Hall when she was eleven. She took First Place in the New Music National Young Artist Competition in 2011, winning both Overall and Art New Music awards this past May. She has been the recipient of other top prizes in numerous competitions at the national and international levels over the... Read more »

Dunedin sixth-grader will play piano at New York City’s Carnegie Hall

- When she wakes in the morning, her fingers move along the pillow. Eleven-year-old Nadia Azzi is playing piano in her mind. As a pre-schooler, her teachers worried she didn’t know how to speak. Quiet and shy, she could get through a school day in virtual silence. Read More  

FSMTA 2011 Competitive Events Winners

- Nadia Azzi is 12 years old, and a 7th grade student at The Center for the Gifted Studies Magnet Program housed at Dunedin Highland Middle School in Dunedin, FL. She began playing the piano at the age of five with Kinuyo Engelbrecht who is now teaching her music theory. Her current teacher is the renowned... Read more »

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