Schofield Middle School students find ‘Joye’ in musical expression

There was some real “Joye in Aiken” spread about the Schofield Middle School cafeteria and auditorium on Wednesday, with “kids playing for kids,” said Philly Sorenson.
“It is wonderful to see the students engaged in the performance, and to see the artists interact with the students,” said Sorensen, outreach facilitator with the Joye in Aiken program.

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A World Renowned Pianist in the Making | iaam

Nadia Azzi may only be 14, but at the piano she works wonders.  Starting at a very young age Nadia soon became an amazing player. She has won many awards in national and international competitions and has collaborated with countless instrumentalists and chamber groups.  Recently she was featured artist on NPR’s popular Radio show From the Top.  Currently Nadia is in the pre-college division at The Juilliard School and continues to work hard every day.  Check out her exclusive interview and leave us a comment!

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Nadia Azzi: Classical Pianist | The Talent Notes

Some people take their entire lives to find their true passion. Then there are those who seem placed on this planet knowing exactly what they were meant to do. Enter Nadia Azzi, whom at  the tender age of 14 has accomplished so much in very little time with her talents on the piano. […] She recently took some time to answer a few questions about what her life is like as a young musician. After reading the interview be sure not to miss her attached video performances.

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Small hands, big love for classical music | NewportRI

Newport Music Festival: 13-year-old pianist to make Newport debut

Nadia Azzi is 13, heading into ninth grade.

When she has spare time, which is in short supply, she likes to watch Japanese movies online (her mother is Japanese), play with her 5-year-old sister and hang with friends at the mall near her home outside Tampa.

The rest of her time is spent as a piano prodigy, having started playing at age 4.

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Teen to perform with orchestra today | The Tampa Tribune

NEW PORT RICHEY – Music is a part of 14-year-old Nadia Azzi’s everyday life. The urge to rehearse on the piano or violin and to study new music comes as naturally to Nadia as eating or breathing.

When she’s not working on homework, her fingers are dancing across the keys of a piano or delicately grasping her violin’s bow.

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